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  hub West Scotland has announced the appointment of Iain Marley as its new Chief Executive. Iain comes from a significant and successful NPD development role as Project Director at the City of Glasgow College, and before that he led on the development of the Pacific Quay programme for the BBC in Scotland.  These award [...]

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Who are hub West Scotland?

hub West Scotland is a public private Joint Venture development organisation. We work with our public sector partners to plan, design, build, fund and maintain buildings in the most efficient and effective manner delivering better value for money and ultimately improving public services. Those public sector partners are our Participants.

West Scotland Territory

The West Territory brings together Participants from Health, Local Authorities, Further Education, Social Landlords, Regeneration agencies, Police, Fire and Rescue and voluntary sector organisation’s and others where appropriate.

Why choose to work with hub

The hub West Scotland team exists to deliver a development service that is inclusive, more efficient, more effective and provides greater value for money than any other available option. This value for money is delivered through continuous improvement in both cost and quality in public procurement supported by effective risk management.

hub West Scotland is a flexible organisation able to meet a broad spectrum of Participant estate and facilities needs.

As a public private Joint Venture we focus on delivering optimum service led development programmes in collaboration with our Participants.

hub West Scotland has been established as a long-term partnership specifically focussed on enabling change and delivering value to the Participants it serves.

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